Fold-It Thinkfun Game


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"Can you fold the best recipe? Only the chefs with the quickest hands and cleverest strategy can be the best! Will you be the most famous chef in town?"

1) Examine the pictures on the Order Card. 2) Fold your Recipe Cloth to match the order. 3) The slowest player to finish and any players who folded the wrong recipe lost a Star Token. 4) Be the last player to have a Star Token and - YOU WIN!

Included 4 recipe cloths, 3 fold-it tokens, 12 star tokens, 42 order cards (basic & advanced) 2-4 Players Age 7+

Dimensions: 2" L x 8.75" W x 8.75" H / 5.1cm L x 22.25cm W x 22.25cm H