Originally used in the shipping industry to secure boxes on pallets, these bands are color by size coded for easy identification on the warehouse floor. Red bands measure 92” diameter, yellow bands measure 84” diameter, blue bands measure 72” diameter. 
We’ve had people tell us these are ideal for really outrageously large sling shots. I personally have no need for a sling shot of that size - so my uses are more earthly. These bands are great for holding down table clothes on out door tables. If stretches between two pegs, it can make a nice idea board of sorts… tuck papers and photos between the rubber. Oddly, it works very well for resistance exercise. We’ve had quite a few sales for this item based on that alone. But my favorite thing about these has nothing to do with utility. I just love them for the sheer fact of their colossal size. Thats reason enough for me.

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