Scrabble Slam Hasbro Game

Scrabble Slam!

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How To Play 

"Start with any four-letter word on the table, like 'CAKE', yell out 'Ready, Set, Slam!' and the race is on. Quickly change the existing word, one letter at a time, to create a new word. For example, 'CAKE' becomes 'BAKE' which is turned into 'BIKE' then switched to 'LIKE' and so on. The first player to play out all their cards wins! 

Also includes rules for an all-new Scrabble Slam game, Double Scrabble Slam, where players start with two words!"

Contents: 55 Cards and instructions.

Dimensions (Box): 5.75" L x 3.5" W x 0.75" H / 14.6cm L x 8.9cm W x 1.9cm H