Our New Website... and Blog!

So - for the past several months we've been working with the men of SeriouslyAwesome! to get our new website up and running. We're very happy with the result and hope you are too.  

You'll notice that this "blog thing" is new to us too.  We hope to use it as a platform for bringing our vast collection of vintage industrial prints, books, products, etc. to you.  Along with anything that strikes our fancy, so long as it falls under the category of "Beauty of Function".  

We'd love to hear from you.  If you've come across a beautiful stapler and would like to share it with the world, then, first of all, you are cut from the same cloth as us, and second of all - here's the place to do it.  Email us, write us a little something about your find, and you might just see your words here!  If you've found a new ingenious use for one of our products, let us know! We can spread the word to the masses.  Or if there is something you are trying to find, or would like to see, please tell us.  

We look forward to exploring this new platform and hope that we can create a community of like minded individuals who, like us, love industrial design and utilitarian products.  

Cheers - 

The Curators 
Susan and Quin


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